10K Handmade Men’s Women’s Biker Masonic Pendant Skull above Book “Memento Mori” 

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Stunning men’s motorcycle Pendant in 10K solid gold, “Memento Mori.”

. Original, distinctive design with exquisite features and fantastic artwork.

. A rare piece constructed with the highest materials and craftsmanship.

. 10K gold branded, in excellent new condition, and weighty.

. Size-dependent top dimensions are 23×23 mm.

The pendant weight around 12–13 grams

Men’s bespoke “memento mori” skull pendant crafted of sterling silver. One of the most famous “memento mori” symbols is a skull over a book on the top of the pendant. The phrase “memento mori,” which means “remember that you must die,” is written around the symbol. a piece of art, like a skull, created to serve as a constant reminder of mortality. The hourglass with wings up and the skull on either side of the ring are both incredibly evocative symbols. These symbols are linked to permanence, the past, the present, and the transient. The hourglass is a metaphor for life for individuals who are aware of how frail the planet is. It came to signify both life and death because it was the only symbol that could simultaneously reflect both the past and the present. It was also utilized to inspire a fear of death in people since its sands would flow regardless of the conditions around it, just as a person’s life will end steadily regardless of their good or bad conduct.


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Weight 13-14 g

1 review for 10K Handmade Men’s Women’s Biker Masonic Pendant Skull above Book “Memento Mori” 

  1. secretium

    Amazing piece!!! Top quality!!!

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